Tessa Phillips

Tessa Phillips

Tessa Phillips is an Acoustician at the Auckland office, with a particular interest in residential building acoustics and knowledge sharing. An early interest in science, architecture, engineering and music culminated in an MSc in physics and acoustics. During her studies, she also completed internships at the Acoustic Testing Service and with Marshall Day Acoustics. A period of varied IT work followed, including contracting and as an IT trainer, before taking a break to raise a family. Re-joining the workforce in 2012 she completed a range of administrative, research, and editorial work for the MOTAT Society, a supporting society of the Museum of Transport and Technology.

In 2016 Tessa returned to her acoustical roots at Marshall Day Acoustics. Tessa uses her varied skill set to assist primarily with building acoustics projects and research, as well as administrative requirements, especially relating to MDA’s knowledge sharing systems and technical documentation.

From late 2016 – mid 2017 she was a key researcher on the collaborative BRANZ project “Acoustical design of medium density housing”, funded by the Building Research Levy (BRANZ Study report ER30).  This research focussed on how BRANZ (New Zealand’s independent building research organisation) could help the NZ building industry get the information it needs and achieve better results in relation to acoustics and noise control for new medium density housing. This is particularly important as the NZ residential market shifts to more attached rather than standalone dwellings.  The research considered not just design but all phases of the building process (planning, design, materials, construction) and involved extensive industry consultation.  She continues to work on raising NZ building industry awareness of the need for active consideration of acoustics from early on and right through the building process to achieve cost effective and efficient solutions.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • BSc, The University of Auckland
  • MSc, The University of Auckland (first class honours)
  • Affiliate Member of the Acoustical Society of New Zealand

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