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Marshall Day Acoustics

Established in 1981, Marshall Day Acoustics has grown to become one of the world's largest and most respected acoustic consultancies.

For over 40 years, we have been providing the highest standard of architectural and environmental acoustic consulting.

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From concert halls to wind farms and everything in between, we have experts in every field of acoustics

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Clear and intelligible speech communication is essential to the learning process.

Acoustic conditions in classrooms must support a wide variety of teaching methods. Speech clarity, noise intrusion and sound transfer are key areas of concern while specialist uses such as music and technology provide additional challenges.

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We distribute and develop a number of high quality acoustical design tools that are in use by acoustics professionals on every continent

dBWav analysis software for hydrophone recordings

dBWav is a powerful and user-friendly tool for analysing audio files. It comfortably handles processing of large files and long term recordings, offering a high-level review of data sets for quick identification of features and trends.

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Our Sightlines program has the potential to revolutionise the way venue sightlines are analysed

Subjectivity has long been a drawback of traditional sightline analysis methods, despite the advent of 3D visualisation techniques. Our Sightlines modelling tool enables design teams to quickly and objectively visualise how sightlines are obscured by physical barriers such as handrails, balustrades and other patrons. Importantly, for the first time, this analysis is available for each individual seat and as a percentage matrix of the venue's overall 'visual health'.

The Sightline system­ is ideally suited to:

  • Concert halls & theatres
  • Sports venues and stadiums
  • Convention centres and cinemas