James Whitlock

James Whitlock

James Whitlock is a consultant in the Auckland office, involved in all aspects of acoustics including noise and vibration assessment, prediction and design. James' enthusiasm for acoustics comes from a background in music. He studied classical music on piano and violin from a young age, which has led to drumming and percussion for various semi-professional orchestras and bands.

He joined Marshall Day Acoustics’ Auckland office in 2001, after two years with the University of Auckland’s Acoustic Testing Service.  He has been involved in, and managed projects spanning the full range of acoustical services which Marshall Day offers, including building acoustics design and commissioning, room acoustics and environmental noise control - acting as expert witness in council hearings. He also has experience with a range of 3D computer acoustic modelling packages.

James has maintained an active interest in classroom acoustics since his Masters’ thesis in 2003, carrying out research on acoustical mechanisms that influence the learning environment (particularly the Lombard Effect). More recently he has been advising the NZ Ministry of Education in their revision of the Designing Quality Learning Spaces – Acoustics guideline document. He has also developed a specialty in environmental vibration, predicting and assessing building damage risk and human response to construction vibration and large infrastructure projects.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Science - Physics
  • Master of Architectural Studies (1st Class Honours) - Acoustics
  • President of the Acoustical Society of New Zealand (MASNZ)
  • Council Member of National Foundation for the Deaf

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