Daniel Protheroe

Daniel Protheroe

Daniel is a part of the Research and Development team at Marshall Day Acoustics. He became interested in acoustics as a result of his keen interests in music, electronics and signal processing and first became involved with the company as a summer intern during his undergraduate training. In 2010 he completed a Master of Engineering where he investigated a technique to measure and visualise how rooms sound. Daniel joined the company full time in 2011 focusing on research and specialising in software development. Since then, Daniel has gone on to develop the IRIS room acoustics measurement system which was released in 2014 and has been sold to consultancies and universities throughout the world.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • BE (Hons) with First Class Honours in Computer Systems Engineering
  • ME with First Class Honours in Computer Systems Engineering
  • Affiliate of the Acoustical Society of New Zealand


Validation of lateral fraction results in room acoustic measurements Visualization of early reflections in control rooms 3D impulse response measurements of spaces using an inexpensive microphone array

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