New Zealand

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Port noise can often present a challenge for land use planning. Modelling and practicable noise control measures minimise the potential noise impacts of large scale port operations. Detailed noise measurements on wharf-based equipment such as container cranes and straddle carriers can be carried out to determine noise control strategies and advice can be given on noise management techniques for all aspects of a Port's operation.

Our Projects

Marshall Day Acoustics is New Zealand's principal port noise acoustic consultants and we have been involved in almost all large-scale port noise projects within New Zealand. 

Recent projects we've been involved with include:

  • Northport
  • Ports of Auckland
  • Port of Napier
  • Port Taranaki
  • CentrePort (Wellington)
  • Port Marlborough
  • PrimePort (Timaru)
  • Port Otago Ltd

Our Services

Our assessments typically include detailed modelling and analysis to predict environmental noise levels for various current and future operational scenarios.  These techniques have been successfully utilised for our clients to establish noise control boundaries that have been incorporated into the relevant local District Plan.

  • Make modelling outputs relatable, using techniques such as 3D façade noise maps
  • Assessment to NZS 6809 & local authority requirements
  • Predictive noise modelling using SoundPLAN
  • Policy development
  • Update management plans
  • Provide noise reduction strategies for equipment (e.g. container cranes and straddle carriers) and advice or performance specifications for new equipment