Luxury Yacht: Antares III


Yachting Developments


New Zealand

Completion date


Antares III, a 30 metre (98.2 ft) long composite luxury yacht built by Yachting Developments, was commissioned with stringent noise level requirements.

Designed by naval architects Dixon Yacht Design Antares III was launched in 2011.

Built of composites, the vessel is incredibly strong yet 25%-30% lighter than similar vessels built in aluminium. The hull has a Kevlar outer skin for outstanding impact resistance.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided a full range of acoustic design services, including control of engine noise and vibration, and privacy between cabins. The resulting quiet on-board environment complements its sleek exterior lines.

Antares III was a winner at The World Superyacht Award 2012 in the 30-40m Sailing Yacht category.


  • 30 metre cruising sailboat
  • low design noise levels
  • high performance bulkhead design
  • cost saving designs