Xi'an Concert Hall


DDB International Shanghai


Xi'an, China

Completion date


Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, has been one of China’s most important capital cities for 13 dynasties. With a history going back more than 3,100 years, Xi’an is now reasserting its position as an educational, industrial and cultural centre.

Xi’an Concert Hall is the performance focus of a large modern Tang-style development, the Great Tang All Day Mall Cultural Square, close to the medieval city walls. The traditional design elements of the concert hall’s exterior conceals a modern auditorium designed to offer symphony orchestras a world-class performance venue.

The classic shoe-box style concert hall creates an intimate listening experience for orchestral concerts and chamber music recitals for 1,250 patrons, and features a 4-manual, 60-stop pipe organ made by German master organ-builder, Orgelbau Klais.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics was involved in all aspects of the room acoustic design, from concept through to commissioning. This included room acoustic analysis using 3D computer modelling and the Odeon software. Our principal challenge was to create a room suited to a large orchestra with the seating capacity for a relatively small audience. The resulting interior design for the auditorium integrates specially designed acoustic diffusion within the hall’s architectural form to enhance the spatial impression of the room.

A high degree of diffusive surfaces and reflective elements positioned around the stage platform ensure superior clarity and ensemble conditions, resulting in excellent sound quality throughout the auditorium.

Marshall Day Acoustics also undertook an acoustic design review of smaller performance spaces within the facility.