Raye Freedman Arts Centre


ASC Architects



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The Raye Freedman Arts Centre, built in partnership with Auckland Council, is a top class performing arts facility for Epsom Girls Grammar School and the community. The centre consists of an auditorium seating 300 with full stage and back stage facilities, a rehearsal space, green room, changing rooms, two drama teaching rooms, two music teaching rooms and eight music practice rooms.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided a comprehensive acoustic design, devising sound insulation solutions in all spaces, as well as ensuring high quality room acoustics in the auditorium space suitable for a broad range of performances.


A particular challenge was the location next to a busy arterial road, with the main Auditorium side wall four metres from the nearest traffic lane and exposed to over 70 dBA average traffic noise. A double masonry construction was used, with an air gap between, providing very high sound insulation. During performances the traffic is inaudible.