Tantalus Estate Winery


Tantalus Estate Winery


Waiheke Island, Auckland

Completion date


Tantalus Estate Winery is a premium winegrower in the Onetangi Valley, Waiheke Island, Auckland. As part of an extensive redevelopment of the site in 2013, Marshall Day Acoustics was engaged to provide advice on the development of the main winery building.

Our Brief

A key feature was to design the building so that large functions could occur without impacting neighbouring dwellings. Excellent internal acoustics were also required for restaurant dining and large functions. We carried out extensive acoustic testing within the building prior to redevelopment. Using the data acquired, a sound insulation specification was developed. We worked closely with Cheshire Architects throughout design and construction to ensure that the specification was achieved.

Additionally, we also assisted Tantalus Estate in obtaining resource consent to operate helicopters to and from the site. We performed all computer modelling as part of this process.


A key element of the building is the provision of a highly sound absorbing and insulating ceiling system. The system consists of a timber battens with absorptive backing that is resiliently suspended from the building structure. This results in not only a beautiful ceiling finish but also ensures that the acoustics of the space remain calm and relaxed even when the restaurant is lively with people. This acoustic treatment sets the restaurant apart from other highly reverberant restaurants, where poor acoustics must be endured.


Close collaboration with the architect, from the outset of the design process, has resulted in a commercial space which has achieved an excellent acoustic without compromising its architectural aesthetic. The client is very pleased with the result.

“The acoustics are really excellent: the music can be up and the restaurant full of 200 people and yet you can easily have a conversation across the room. In addition, I know during a function we can have guests dancing to a DJ and with the doors shut there is never any risk of the neighbours becoming annoyed”.

- Estate Owner, Campbell Aitken